ground mounted grid connected 5 MWp

Master Tech Ingegneria performed a study based on the definition of a possible intervention to implement on a pv plant with a power of 5MW, located in Pomezia(RM) in order to increase the performance.
Given the generalized suffering of photovoltaic generator and the consequent performance degradation, both emerged from thermographic inspection and I-V curve execution, a specific intervention has been proposed to the customer: the replacement of the photovoltaic modules installed with others of a different brand but of equal power.
A system of monitoring for the acquisition of the atmospheric and electrical quantities in real-time was installed.
Through the monitoring system, it was possible to make a comparison between the performances of:
• a string composed by the old photovoltaic modules already installed in the field;
• a string composed by the modules of new supply with a new brand and model;
• a string composed by the modules of new supply with another brand and another model.
The following variables were examined and correlated by calculation sheets and graphs, in order to evaluate the production of three strings.
This analysis allowed to evaluate the behavior of the strings and to establish that the string composed by new modules of a specific brand and model is more productive than the others one.
This study made it possible to concretely define the possible benefits of replacing the modules on the yield of a photovoltaic system.

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