ground mounted grid connected 0,79 MWp

MTI carried out several activities aimed at investigating the state of a ground-mounted photovoltaic plant, located in the municipality of Camerino (MC).
MTI first performed visual inspections that allowed to identify various criticalities on the different plant components such as:
• deterioration of modules backsheet ;
• damage to the MV / LV transformer;
• inverters malfunction;
• failure of the UPS.
Subsequently, MTI conducted instrumental analyses aimed at evaluating the insulation photovoltaic generator.
These checks showed low values of the insulation resistance with the greater possibility of faults, that inhibit production.
Following the checks, MTI defined a punch list containing all the actions to be taken to bring the photovoltaic plant back to a state of full and safe operation.

Technical advisory ed asset management

43.146306 °N,13.075833 °E

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