> 1,5 GW inspected

Master Tech Ingegneria performs site visits on the pv plant.
Site visits are conducted both ground and roof pv installations.
Since 2016 Master Tech Ingegneria performed site visits on numerous pv plants, located in Italy and abroad, for a total of over 1,5 GW.
Quality inspection services for PV plants ensure that the installations of photovoltaic power plant are carried out the exact specifications and meets all existing standards and regulations.
The quality inspection services offered by Master Tech Ingegneria for photovoltaic power plants include:
• inspection of state of terrains and drainages;
• inspection of the generator field, including support structure, modules, mounting, cabling and shadowing;
• inspection of the inverters, transformers. And connecting boxes, including location and mounting;
• inspection of the safety system and labeling, including lightning and overvoltage protection;
• inspection of theft protection, fence, gates and internal roads;
• inspection of auxiliary systems and monitoring.

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