O&M Services

Master Tech Ingegneria, after having gained long-standing experience in the O&M photovoltaic sector, is specialized in the O&M services organization and in particular, is able to offer:
• organization of technical staff and workflow for the O&M services.
• editing of Use and Maintenance Manuals with an accurate indication of the standard procedures in order to carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works;
Master Tech Ingegneria makes its experience in the O&M sector available to its customers in two modalities:
1. giving precise guidelines and technical support to the staff, that carries out maintenance operations in the pv fields;
2. managing in detail the workflow envisaged for the O&M activities.

Master Tech Ingegneria supervises and coordinates maintenance activities performed by operators in the field; defines all procedures, to be followed by the staff that carries out maintenance operations, with the maximum degree of detail.
Furthermore, Master Tech Ingegneria can constantly check plant performances and produces detailed reports, with a periodicity, agreed with the customer.
In the case of losses of power, Master Tech Ingegneria advises interventions focused to solve the criticalities

The editing of Use and Maintenance Manuals consists in the drafting of a complete set of technical documents.
These documents are specific for every PV plant and contain the guidelines, that have to be observed during maintenance works on the various components of PV plants.
Master Tech Ingegneria supplies to its customers an accurate indication of the all standard procedures to carry out all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations.
In particular, specific standard procedures to carry out during ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations are explained for every component of pv plant.

Energia, Operation&Maintenance, Technical advisory ed asset management

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